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Regulations drive Korean exchanges to delist, warn against high risk coins

Amid increasing scrutiny and demand from regulators, South Korean crypto exchanges are sifting through their supported assets and delisting or placing high-risk coins on an...

Shiba Inu and Chiliz jump 33% and 26% on Coinbase Pro listings

Memes and fan tokens were the order of the day after a Coinbase Pro listing sent SHIB and CHZ to significant gains.

Crypto fan tokens a mixed bag for game-deprived soccer fans

The COVID-19 lockdown incentivized sporting organizations to adopt fan tokens, but how useful are they for supporters?

Ethereum price bounce to $2.6K fails to excite neutral-to-bearish pro traders

Ethereum derivatives data highlights the lack of short-term strength as ETH price lags Bitcoin’s recovery to the $40,000 range.

Crypto’s fraught relationship with Elon Musk: Ambassador or liability?

In an optimistic interpretation, Musk’s relationship with crypto could be a force that always wills the evil and always produces the good.

Another first for Polkadot as Kusama council approves first parachain slot auction

The first Kusama parachain slot auction will now commence and is set to run for the next week.

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Proposed crypto ban legislation reportedly under review by India’s government

Authorities in India are reportedly weighing up options concerning crypto regulations in the country. India’s government is reportedly reviewing modalities for banning or regulating cryptocurrencies...

Michael Saylor is not just a Bitcoin maximalist: ‘There’s a place for everybody’

The MicroStrategy CEO sees Ethereum as a serious competitor to the financial industry. MicroStrategy chief Michael Saylor has room in his heart for other cryptocurrencies...

New Bitcoin bull market hodlers are refusing to sell at $40K, data suggests

Those who bought Bitcoin this bull market are in no hurry to sell, says Glassnode, as small-time investor numbers also grow. Bitcoin (BTC) investors continue...

El Salvador minister says it’s too early to use Bitcoin for wages

It’s too soon to talk about Bitcoin-based wages in El Salvador, Minister Rolando Castro stated. El Salvador’s Minister of Labor and Social Welfare has said...

98% of CFOs say their hedge fund will invest in Bitcoin by 2026: Study

The survey results coincide with U.S. inflation climbing to the highest levels since 1992. Traditional hedge funds are willing to increase their exposure in Bitcoin...

Crypto miners eye cheap power in Texas, but fears aired over impact on the grid

Miners dislocated by China’s crackdown are looking to Texas for cheap electricity, but the state’s grid is already on the brink of disaster amid a...

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